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Real Driving Emissions (RDE) is now an integral part of European vehicle emissions testing. Perhaps its most challenging aspect for vehicle manufacturers and engine calibrators are the rapidly changing conditions under which the engine has to operate during real world conditions.

RDE provisions have the possibility of positively influencing air quality for European citizens by ensuring that vehicle manufacturers integrate emissions control technologies with engine measures and worldwide harmonised light vehicles test procedure to achieve optimal emissions reduction under driving conditions encountered in use.

Testing car emissions has become a crucial element of production for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), with consumers increasingly aware of the impact of car emissions when purchasing a vehicle. Under new EU6d emission regulation, in addition to completing laboratory tests (WLTP), vehicles must complete on-road testing in a Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test.

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About the event

Real Driving Emissions serves to confirm WLTP results in real life, thereby ensuring that cars deliver low polluting emissions, such as NOx or particles, on the road as well as in the laboratory. In fact, Europe is the first region in the world to introduce real driving emissions testing, marking a major leap in the testing of car emissions.

The conference ensures maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange. During a full two-days-program with two conference days and one workshop day you will meet international experts from various stakeholders to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges in the field of Real Driving Emissions.

Real Driving Emissions Forum is an exclusive event which will showcase forefront practices and approaches towards RDE and energy consumption reduction, updated RDE legislation compliance, addressing key challenges in emission testing, and main automotive technology trends based on cost-and-energy-efficient solutions.

The conference will be focusing on the vital topics related to CO2 emission reduction, portable emission measuring systems (PEMS), readiness of OEMs to tackle the global warming challenge, car manufacturers powertrain production and key compliance RDE requirements benefits.

Real Driving Emissions Forum will explore how to unlock the real driving emission test potentials, how to identify strategies for cost-effective and successful testing processes, and the essence of RDE methodology and regulation.

Global automotive industry leaders will meet to exchange their experience and share knowledge throughout 2-day in-depth panel discussions, practical case studies, and interactive sessions. Afford yourself this opportunity to network with senior executives, experts and business professionals to build a lifetime network and business opportunities!


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