Everything You Need To Know About Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Event

As part of the 2nd Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum, experts and key stakeholders from the offshore wind, renewable energy, offshore operations & maintenance, and green energy sectors will share insights, network, and collaborate on the most pertinent issues relating to offshore wind operations and maintenance. By leveraging the data generated by offshore wind farms, we will introduce cost-saving, efficient, and scalable offshore wind operation and maintenance processes at the Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum. This two-day event will also feature best practices in offshore wind technology design, operation, maintenance, and safety in order to improve reliability, accessibility, and vessel deployment costs. 


Let's discuss and brainstorm how digital innovation can improve reliability, drive down costs, and improve performance and share best practices in operating and maintaining offshore wind farms. There are over 10 hours of networking time, plus a great line-up of speakers. Discover the latest innovations in technology to advance growth and development of the offshore wind power industry directly from offshore wind O&M experts. You will gain insight into the challenges facing offshore wind turbine O&M services, as well as how you can reduce costs and improve health and safety.


Why should business leaders attend this event?


This year's 2nd Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum will explore avenues for leveraging digital innovation for smarter offshore wind operations and maintenance, with the potential to save significant amounts of money, improve performance, and improve reliability. As part of the event, attendees will discover the mechanics of the clean energy production technology, learn how to reduce offshore O&M costs and risks, and identify future O&M innovation.


With less than 10% of wind power derived from offshore, offshore wind energy is one of the world's most underutilized resources. However, according to the Global Wind Energy Council, it will account for almost 25% of wind power generation worldwide by 2023. Globally, renewable energy development is at an unprecedented pace, and offshore wind energy, in particular, is showing great promise as a reliable source of energy.


More than 205 GW of new offshore wind capacity will be added globally by 2030, including at least 6.2 GW of floating offshore wind. This demonstrates the sector's resilience in driving both a green recovery and the energy transition. Besides that, offshore wind has been less impacted by the COVID pandemic than other energy sectors, so it is seen as a major contributor to post-COVID economic recovery. As a result, substantial Market Intelligence suggests the industry could generate 900,000 jobs over the next decade due to its rapid growth, demonstrating its ability to drive a global green recovery.


We invite you to join us at the 2nd Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum to learn how you can optimize, operate, and maintain your offshore wind assets effectively. Additionally, the Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum will provide an opportunity to network with senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners involved in the offshore wind industry.


Attendance at this meeting is the highest ever for a meeting on offshore wind operation and maintenance. It's a business development event that ensures you meet the best in the business and is designed to guide, improve, and complete your O&M strategy.  If you are involved in the operations, maintenance, or asset management of offshore wind turbines, this event will enable you to stay current and gain insight from your peers. Be part of this insightful gathering as it promises to be a valuable experience for practitioners and industry players alike.


Key Learning Benefits


  • Get an understanding of the cost and risk reduction strategies associated with effective wind management and operation.

  • New and improved solutions for the operation and management of offshore wind turbines.

  • A comparison of the cost estimates for offshore wind power with those for onshore wind power and conventional power.

  • Take advantage of deep ocean experience in O&M planning for subsea integrity.

  • Find out how innovations can reduce offshore wind's cost and risk.

  • Get to know how wind turbine design changes can reduce the cost of offshore wind.

  • Learn how to use big data concepts in O&M inspections, monitoring, and repairs.

  • Analyze how data analytics can help reduce O&M costs, risks, and optimize wind farm operations.

  • Identify predictive maintenance, life extension, and asset optimization opportunities.


Reasons To Attend


  • Learn from enthusiastic speakers with powerful presentations to expand your network of top-level business contacts.

  • Discuss and debate industry challenges on this exceptional platform.

  • Take advantage of our matchmaking and 1:1 meetings.

  • Attend our panel discussions, world cafe, interactive workshops, networking events, and roundtable discussions.


Event Details:

2nd Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum

Organized by Leadvent Group

9th March 2023

Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Hybrid Event



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