Future Applications of 3D Cell Culture and Bioprocess

Animal models and 2D cell culture have frequently been used by researchers to understand the mechanisms underlying human diseases like cancer. These models have their limits but have produced important discoveries and enhanced understanding of many of these diseases. A two-dimensional cell culture model cannot precisely capture complex in vivo tumour behaviour.


Cell cultures are valuable research material for the variety of advantages that they offer. Primary cell cultures and established continuous cell lines are both still crucial for fundamental research and practical applications. To solve new, complicated challenges, technological breakthroughs are required, and the in vitro cultivation of cells is one such area of intense study. The development of three-dimensional culture systems has been a significant advancement in cell culture methods. This area is one of the fastest growing experimental approaches in life sciences. Cells have been grown as three dimensional models more frequently thanks to improvements in analytical and imaging systems for cells, as well as new scaffolds and matrices. These cultures have shown to be more like in vivo natural systems, making them valuable resources for various applications.


The field of cancer research is evolving as a result of 3D cell culture applications and 3D bioprinting. The efficacy and toxicity of medications may now be assessed more quickly and realistically, and complicated elements of cancer like metastasis can be modelled and researched.


Innovative, cutting-edge analytics, the development of targeted assays, and imaging technologies are all necessary for the effective development and use of 3D cell culture. The targeted development of 3D cell culture is made possible by bioinformatics, systems biology, and modelling. New tools or technologies, such as bioprinting and 3D printing, create new opportunities. High-throughput and automatization allow for rapid compound screening.


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