Safety Lifecycle in ISO 26262

The safety lifecycle is a key aspect of ISO 26262, and provides a framework for the development and implementation of safety-critical systems in the automotive industry. Each stage in the safety lifecycle is intended to guarantee that safety is taken into account throughout the development process.


Three phases make up the safety lifecycle according to ISO 26262: concept, product development, and manufacturing and operation.


The idea phase, which marks the beginning of the safety lifecycle, entails defining the system's safety objectives and needs. This step comprises identifying potential risks and creating safety ideas and mitigation measures for such risks. A safety strategy is the result of this step, which outlines the safety goals and requirements for the system.


The design and development of the safety-critical system are part of the second stage of the safety lifecycle, which is known as the product development phase. The creation of safety requirements, the application of safety mechanisms, and the validation and verification of the safety-critical system all fall under this phase. A safety case, which demonstrates that the system is safe and that the safety requirements have been met, is the result of this phase.


The safety-critical system is produced, deployed, and used during the production and operation phase, which is the last stage in the safety lifecycle. In this phase, the safety-critical system is maintained, and safety-related incidents are tracked and managed. The output of this phase is a safety report, which documents the safety performance of the system during production and operation.


The overall goal of ISO 26262's safety lifecycle is to make sure that safety is taken into account during the design and deployment of safety-critical systems in the automotive sector. The safety lifecycle serves to ensure that vehicles and other systems are safe for use on the road by providing a framework for the identification of possible risks, the formulation of safety standards, and the verification and validation of safety-critical systems.


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