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Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Forum brings together the key European industry leaders from the Electric Vehicle community to discuss the newest innovations in EV battery recycling. This is the right place to discuss the biggest challenges that the industry is facing and of course, thanks to the expertise of the Speakers, we will get a deep insight into the strategies and best practices that help them overcome the difficulties. Join us to explore more about the innovative technologies and EV battery recycling processes, as well as about the incoming European battery regulations. This event provides the opportunity to learn about how to promote circular economy practices and principles within the battery industry and we will touch on the subject of the frequently asked question: Re-purpose, Re-use or Recycling?

Through panel discussions, real-life examples, workshops and networking sessions, we provide you with the full experience of participation. Do not miss the opportunity, come and enjoy the Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Forum with us

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According to the International Energy Agency, the global stock of electric vehicles could reach 245 million units by 2030, which is an incredibly big boost considering 10 million today. It is also forecasted that by 2040 two out of three vehicles will be electric.

While EVs emit less CO2, their lithium-ion batteries pose a serious sustainability challenge. They are made from raw materials such as lithium, cobalt and nickel. The mining of these materials raises ethical and environmental concerns- not talking about the global shortage of some of these materials, facing difficulties in meeting future demand needs.

The current situation in Europe in terms of recycling is very far from the desirable, only about 5% of the lithium-ion batteries are recycled. According to a Greenpeace study, around 13 million tons of EV batteries will reach their end of life between 2021 and 2030.

To reduce the environmental impact, recycling the batteries’ raw materials is becoming crucial, aiming to create a circular supply chain.

There is another important discussion about EV batteries: should they be recycled or repurposed for a second life in alternative applications? Whether they will be repurposed or not, they still need to be recycled in the end anyway.

Summed up, the battery recycling sector needs a transformation, which is essential for the desired change toward the circular economy.

The Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Forum offers a perfect opportunity to gain insight into the future of EV Batteries Recycling. The event will showcase the newest recycling technologies and innovations; the biggest challenges in the sector and the best solutions and strategies to overcome them.

We will discuss the various implemented recycling processes, solid-state battery technologies and recyclability. The forum will give the chance to get to know more about the incoming Batteries Regulations in the EU on EV Battery Recycling. This interactive business conference is the place to understand more about how to promote circular economy principles and practices within the battery industry and how to minimize the environmental and social impact associated with all phases of the battery life cycle.

The Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Forum will bring together industry leaders and experts from  OEMs, EV Battery manufacturers and recycling companies who will share their deep insight and knowledge on the most recent innovations and technologies, as well as on the challenges and opportunities that we are facing. Attendees will have the chance to learn from senior-level decision-makers who will present the best practices they use to break the way to success.

Join our interactive event and enjoy the many opportunities provided through panel discussion, workshops, real-life case studies and networking sessions that make it possible to feel yourself involved at all stages of the conference and get a unique experience, that you will always remember.

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