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Safety practices are becoming more regulated as industries adopt a standardized set of practices for designing and testing products. ISO 26262 addresses the needs for an automotive-specific international standard that focuses on safety critical components. ISO 26262 is a derivative of IEC 61508, the generic functional safety standard for electrical and electronic (E/E) systems.

Increasing complexity throughout the automotive industry is resulting in increased efforts to provide safety-compliant systems. For example, modern automobiles use by-wire systems such as throttle-by-wire. This control unit analyzes several factors such as engine speed, vehicle speed, and pedal position.

It is a challenge of the automotive industry to test and validate systems like throttle-by-wire. The goal of ISO 26262 is to provide a unifying safety standard for all automotive E/E systems. Since the publication of Draft International Standard (DIS) of ISO 26262, ISO 26262 has gained traction in the automotive industry.

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Implementing ISO 26262 allows leveraging a common standard to measure how safe a system will be in service. It also provides the ability to reference specific parts of your system because of a common vocabulary provided by the standard. This falls in line with other safety-critical application areas; a common standard provides a way to measure how safe your system is.

The Automotive ISO 26262: Functional Safety Forum is dedicated to the practice of the ISO on different vehicles and the framework of re-use of safety functions. The 2-day conference will have different sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant for all stakeholders in the automotive functional safety sector across Europe and beyond.

The topics related to the impacts of safety standard in building a functionally safe vehicles and efficient safety management through supply chain,  the major risks associated with hazard caused by the manufacturing behaviors of E/E, appropriate functional safety management methodology for automotive application, impacts of ISO26262 on the potential suppliers  / customers of Electric and Electronic components and the best techniques to test failures and different methods of fault analysis will be thoroughly discussed at the conference.

This forum will feature leading industry experts with long years of professional experience from leading countries and industries in automotive functional safety sector who will be exchanging experience and sharing knowledge they have acquired over the years of their active practice.

Take the opportunity at this annual conference to become part of the ISO 26262 expert network and to exchange views and ideas with like-minded professionals over a 2-day period. This will allow you to expand your own ISO 26262 network and maintain and deepen existing business contacts.

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