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Dynamic cables are characterised by high fatigue endurance and are designed to withstand a lifetime of constant movement. After pioneering the first dynamic HV power cable in the cable industry, companies use their expertise today to develop first class customised solutions to ensure the highest reliability.

Learn about the most recent developments and advances in the creation, production, and use of dynamic cables at the "Dynamic Cables" event. Dynamic cables will be introduced in this event, along with an explanation of what they are and how they operate. Also, it will discuss the numerous industries that employ dynamic cables, such as robotics, automation, and machines.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn about the latest industry trends, and explore new products and services related to dynamic cables. Also, they will have the possibility to take part in practical demonstrations and technical seminars where they may practise using the most recent tools and technologies.

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About the event

The ocean environment is harsh and extensive movements in both vertical and horizontal directions put a very high demand on a cable.

Dynamic cables refer to cables that are designed to operate under dynamic conditions or environments. Dynamic cables can include a range of cables used in various applications, such as robotics, automation, and machinery that require frequent motion or movement. These cables may be subject to frequent bending, twisting, and other stresses, which can cause wear and tear if the cables are not designed and constructed to withstand these dynamic conditions. Dynamic cables are engineered to be flexible, durable, and resistant to damage from repetitive bending and motion.

These are cables designed to operate in dynamic environments and are engineered to withstand the stresses and strains of these conditions. They are used in a wide range of applications where frequent motion or movement is involved, including robotics, automation, and machinery.

We are excited to announce our upcoming event, where we will showcase our latest products and technologies in the cable industry. Join us and discover how these cables can improve your industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about our innovative products and their unique features and benefits.

  • Meet industry experts who will answer your questions and provide guidance on selecting the right cables for your projects.

  • Network with industry peers and exchange knowledge and ideas on the latest trends and developments in the cable industry

The Dynamic Cables Forum is gearing up to provide attendees with seminal insights and opportunity to discover the power of Dynamic Cables. The forum will offer the ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners operating in the industries.

Join us as we gather these experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders from Europe and the rest of the world to discuss the innovations in dynamic cables, national policies and legislative actions as well as best practices concerning use of dynamic cables.

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