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The phenomenal success of biological products in recent years has driven substantial advances in the science and technology surrounding bioreactors and bioprocessing. The rapidity of change and growing demand to fulfil market needs have created imperatives for increased capacity and efficiency, and for reduced production costs and batch-production timeframes. There is also a constant drive to attain adequate yields and meet the necessary standards of purification and stabilisation. Furthermore, emergent areas of research, such as tissue engineering, are often accompanied by their own complex and unique challenges. Alongside the issues of process development, maintenance and scale-up, there are stringent requirements to comply with regulatory standards.

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Event Inclusions

Case Study Presentations

Giving practical and actionable insights.

Strategic Panel Discussions

Discuss and debate strategies with your peers and most knowledgeable experts

Networking Drinks Receptions

Network face to face with the world’s top executives and rapidly build a network of new business relationships

Content Focused Roundtables

That will provide you with an opportunity for you to not only further engage with key topics but also network with the...

Lead Generation

Establish connections with senior-level representatives from developers, investors & financiers

Content and Recordings

Access to all recordings after the event is over and all presentation slides!

Event Details

About the event

Bioprocessing is the development and manufacturing pipeline by which therapeutic agents such as engineered recombinant proteins, viral gene therapy vectors and other nanoparticle-based technologies are produced at levels required for commercial distribution. To achieve this end, large-scale cultures using engineered cell lines are grown in bioreactors or through other scalable approaches. These are constantly being refined and evolved to increase volume, product yield and efficiency. The adoption of next generation bioprocessing is reaching a decisive moment as biopharmaceutical companies are seeking new manufacturing methods that are essential to the industry's continued growth and innovation. It is more important than ever for the bioprocessing community to connect with one another, share ideas and strategise. Our event will offer unique insights through intensive research with key industry figures, combined with presentations and panel discussions to bring in-depth and informative content. 

Today’s bioprocessing is the base of different emerging industries and technologies, including the production of therapeutic stem cells, gene therapy vectors, and new vaccines. Advances in bioprocessing is a special interest to the industry as it highly shortens the development timeline, improves the final product and increases the productivity of Bio-manufacturing facilities.

In this conference, leaders in biopharmaceutical production will investigate the latest technologies and manufacturing strategies for next generation biologics and advanced therapies. It will mainly focus on main challenges within the field, assessing innovative solutions such as continuous bioprocessing, SUTs, data integrity, PAT and the implementation of industry 4.0, all of which aim to increase the efficiency and yield of therapeutic production whilst maintaining high quality standards.

The International Bioprocessing and Biologics Forum will bring together more than 150+ industry experts from Large Pharma with interest in biotech, biotech, biopharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturing organisations, academic & research institutes, regulatory authorities, and solution providers, to discuss the latest developments, cutting-edge technologies, new challenges and opportunities in bioprocessing and best manufacturing practices to make better biologic drugs cheaper and faster!. So, what’s on the agenda for this year? Here’s a snapshot of what’s in-store on this year’s programme:

  • Evolution of Bioprocessing
  • Next Generation of Biologics Manufacturing
  • Gene Therapy at the Dawn of a New Era
  • Impact of Stress Factors on Protein Drug Products
  • LCMS Methods in Biologicals Formulation Development and in Quality Control
  • 3D Printed Chromatography for Intensification of Downstream Processing of Biologics
  • Digital Twins for the Acceleration of the Bioproduct Life Cycle
  • How synbio at scale will disrupt the manufacturing of futures
  • Many more……

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