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Electrification has become more critical than ever, since electrification of commercial and industrial transportation is helping to curb carbon emissions. Different national governments are facilitating the transition to NRMM electrification with constantly developing national and international regulatory requirements promoting electric vehicle deployment. Apart from that, a growing number of manufacturers are now focusing on developing fuel cell and battery electric vehicles with the batter vehicle range capabilities

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In this last decade, the transportation industry is moving towards hybridization and electrification of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM). However, there are still many challenges that lies ahead of electrifying and rolling out of the off-road hybrid machinery. The development of NRMM is subject to various drivers that range from customer needs to fuel, energy prices, regulations, and legislation. To prepare forthe future, and from the immense pressure in the industry and customers asking for asking for emission free machines and equipment. Recent regulations on pollutant emissions have pushed working machines manufacturers towards research and development efforts to meet the strict limits imposed.

This forum will cover wide range of topics such as electric motors, hydraulic systems, safety, battery technology and reliability. Furthermore, the forum discussions will review the present status, give insightful analysis of the future trends and the business potential of electric and hybrid non-road machinery. Also propositions for overcoming the challenges that are related to the (NRMM). The forum is a hybrid event in which it will facilitate virtual and face to face attendance, learning and interaction.

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