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Digitalisation is spurring new approaches to developing next generation technology for the solar industry and the industry is far ahead in the application of emerging digital technologies such as blockchain, drones and cloud computing.

The Solar PV Digitalization Forum aims to bring the solar industry together to discuss the market opportunity of digital solar, digital innovation and technological challenges for the industry, including how machine learning, digital twin and predictive analytics can enable monitoring and prediction failures to help drastically improve availability, reliability of the solar assets & increase revenue and reduce O&M costs.

Hear from the Industry Experts as they come together to share their experience and knowledge as well as look at the future market opportunity of digital solar. Solar panel manufacturers will share their views on technical requirements, standards and drivers for digitalization as well as investigate the latest solar panel design & technology. Data analytics & cyber security will be discussed to bring an understanding on the importance of accurate data & security and how it plays an important part in the operational and developing phase as well as help predict components failure, reduce operational costs and risks.



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Digitization is a trend that can have a major impact on every industry in every region. Its direct benefits include reduced costs, increased revenue and growth. With the energy industry undergoing a fundamental transformation, digitization could be key to greater productivity, efficiency and flexibility. We are now transitioning from a centrally organized world of power generation into a system of diverse and distributed generators.

Like most sectors, the solar industry is rapidly embracing ways to analyze and crunch data in order to lower the cost of solar energy and to open up new markets for their technology. The rise of data tools—algorithms, machine learning, sensors—are driving investments in, and acquisitions of, solar startups, while entrepreneurs are launching new companies that are using data to solve various solar industry problems. Meanwhile, big companies are spending money on tracking, monitoring and evaluating data from solar projects worldwide, helping to lower the cost of generating energy from the sun.

As the solar industry continue to lower down the cost of operations and maintenance, digitalization and data analytics plays a vital role to achieve further cost reductions & increase production yield.  Digitalisation is essential to enabling the massive deployment of photovoltaics in the energy system and a major opportunity for solar, not least because it is a means of integrating more PV into the grid, gaining system-wide benefits and new revenues for solar installation.

Solar PV Digitalization Forum is set to cover all aspects of big data and its impact on the solar sector as well as identifying issues and challenges and providing potential solutions. It’s a great opportunity for industry professionals to come together to exchange the ideas, explore new thinking and help shape the development of the industry. The sessions are set up to be interactive for the attendees to get involved in the experience-sharing process and to tackle existing problems in real-time discussions.

The Solar PV Digitalization Forum will critically analyze solar sector digitalization and data-driven operations, performance forecasting and new business models, solar assets optimization with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, data-driven monitoring and inspection, predictive maintenance, and using advanced analytics to reduce costs and drive performance. 

Do not miss the opportunity to join the Solar PV Digitalization Forum where we will be discussing Digital Twin technology with AI, thefts in big solar PV plant, Advanced Control System Software to improve energy trading, carrying out predictive maintenance for photovoltaic inverters using data analytics and AI. We will be uncovering performance gaps of PV plants with automated data analytics. We will have a deep look into technical risks, failures and corresponding mitigation and costs and limitations and challenges of data-driven risk analysis.

Join us to discuss and brainstorm on how digitalisation is sharpening the solar industry and shaping the industrial innovations of tomorrow,  how to build effective strategies for a data-driven maintenance, understand how predictive maintenance can improve solar PV asset efficiency, explore how to leverage digital innovation to optimize performance, examine how to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize O&M & asset management processes and learn how to harness the power of solar data analytics to uncover performance losses, reduce maintenance and increase yield.



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