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Subsea Cable Asset Management and Reliability Forum brings together key experts from the wind power community globally to discuss the current challenges in continuous risk assessment for cables, cable burial, route optimization, cost reduction, cable repairs,  operation and maintenance, and life extension in order to identify best practices. It will showcase real practical examples on what the industry can do to produce optimized solution across the board with regards to survey, burial, engineering, installation, protection, and repair and explore new areas of innovation and techniques for cost reduction. This event provides a unique platform to exchange ideas, network with key representatives from the offshore wind power community and exchange experience to successfully master offshore power cable and installation, maintenance, protection and repair processes.

The Subsea Cable Asset Management and Reliability Forum will feature the prominent experts in offshore power cable development from the leading European countries and industries, as well as the owners and operators will exchange experience with engineers from nations that have future plans to implement.

This two-day senior-level meeting will offer the ideal opportunities for networking and one-on-one meetings and interaction, making the most out of offshore power cables engineering and reliability.


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About the event

Over the past years, renewable energy has become a hot topic all around the world. Europe has been facing a massive growth in renewable energy production, which is forecast to grow twice as fast as the energy from non-renewable resources (coal and gas combined) in the upcoming years. And the offshore wind power is the fastest growing market within the entire renewable energy industry.

The growth of offshore wind and interconnection mean that subsea power cables are an increasingly vital part of our energy system. The growing importance of subsea cables creates new opportunities for manufacturers, installers and services provides but also creates new challenges for cable protection, cable installation, cable inspection and improve cable maintenance. One key challenge for offshore wind generation is subsea cable failure, which can lead to a significant loss of power generation and a huge increase in repair costs. Subsea cable incidents account for between 70 – 80% of the total cost of offshore wind farm insurance losses but only account for around 10% of the overall cost of a new wind farm project. The key to developing innovative solutions for deploying and maintaining cables, which will enhance the sustainability and efficiency of this market, is delving into industry’s unique experience in subsea cables.

In 2020, Leadvent Group will host the subsea cable asset management and reliability forum. The event will be completely virtual and accessible through multiple platforms for you to continue learning & networking. Do you wonder what the prospects and potentials of the offshore power cable industry for the future are? Are you aware of the most notable risks for offshore power cable and know how to tackle them? Are you using cable survey technologies efficiently? Do you want to learn about innovative cost effective tools and techniques for cable burial?

Join the two-day exclusive virtual event and gain the fresh insights from the key industry experts from offshore wind farm operators, subsea cable installation companies, TSOs, UXO, cable manufacturers and experts in repair & maintenance, and learn how to augment cable integrity and manage cost during offshore projects.

Participating in this event will offer you the newest ideas on how to efficiently cope with the changes and keeping up with market trends. Tracking the entire cables lifecycle, the subsea cable asset managemement and reliability conference will also focus on improving subsea power cable maintenance, reducing costs & risks, alleviating cable fatigue and improving subsea power cable efficiency and performance.

Join the attendees, senior and middle level decision makers – Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Team Leaders, in sharing the experience and finding the solutions on offshore power cables reliability.


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