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The World Sustainability and ESG Summit is a premier international event dedicated to promoting sustainable development and fostering ESG integration in various sectors. The summit brings together influential leaders, policymakers, investors, and sustainability professionals to engage in insightful discussions, share best practices, and explore innovative solutions.

This prestigious event features an array of activities, including keynote addresses by renowned speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into global sustainability trends, learn about emerging ESG frameworks, and discover effective strategies for addressing societal and environmental challenges.

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About the event

The World Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Summit is a significant event that brings together global leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss and address the pressing challenges and opportunities related to sustainability and ESG practices. Sustainability and ESG have become key considerations for businesses, governments, and organizations around the world as they strive to create a more sustainable and responsible future.

The World ESG and Climate Summit provides a platform for in-depth discussions on various aspects of sustainability and ESG, including environmental conservation, social responsibility, and corporate governance. It serves as a forum for sharing best practices, innovative solutions, and successful case studies from different industries and sectors.

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it has become a fundamental principle that guides organizations towards responsible and ethical practices. By incorporating sustainability into their strategies, companies can mitigate risks, drive innovation, enhance brand reputation, and create long-term value for their stakeholders. The World Sustainability and ESG Summit offers a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights into the latest trends, frameworks, and initiatives in sustainability and ESG, and to learn from industry leaders who have successfully integrated these principles into their business models.

The summit covers a wide range of topics, including sustainable development goals, climate change mitigation, renewable energy, circular economy, social impact, diversity and inclusion, ethical business practices, stakeholder engagement, and ESG reporting. Participants can expect to engage in thought-provoking panel discussions, keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and networking sessions, allowing for meaningful exchanges and collaborations.

Attending the World Sustainability and ESG Summit provides participants with the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and influential decision-makers who are driving sustainability and ESG agendas across the globe. The summit creates a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, fostering partnerships and alliances that can drive positive change in various sectors.

By participating in the World Sustainability and ESG Summit, organizations can gain valuable insights, build networks, and discover practical strategies for integrating sustainability and ESG principles into their operations. The summit serves as a catalyst for transforming businesses and societies towards a more sustainable and inclusive future, where environmental stewardship, social well-being, and good governance are at the forefront of decision-making.

Join us at the World ESG and Climate Summit as we collectively work towards a better and more sustainable world, aligning our actions with the global goals of achieving economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental resilience. Together, we can drive positive change and create a future that is not only sustainable but also prosperous and equitable for all.

So, what’s on the agenda for this year? Here’s a snapshot of what’s in-store on this year’s programme:

  • Climate Finance, Biodiversity, and Circular Economy
  • The Future of ESG Data - How are investors using ESG data in their investment decisions?
  • Opportunities and limitations of AI as a game changer for ESG data
  • ESG strategy and Reporting - How to implement your ESG strategy.
  • The S in ESG? How does a wellbeing approach drive business performance?
  • ESG integration - managing climate risk.
  • ESG metrics and the impact on taxation and transfer pricing.
  • Advancement in ESG Regulations and its impact on organization
  • How to Meet the Data Challenge of the ESG Regulatory Landscape
  • New EU Regulatory Changes Driving the Future of ESG Reporting
  • Shaping the Future of Sustainable Finance: Emerging Trends and Market Evolution
  • ESG Taxonomy Requirements & EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  • Unlocking the Circular Economy: Strategies for Sustainable Growth
  • Navigating an Evolving Regulatory Landscape and Advancing a Global ESG Strategy
  • The Future of ESG: Trend and Climate Change
  • Business Case for ESG - Building an Integrated ESG and Business Strategy
  • Building towards sustainable net-zero future

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