2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum

The world has shifted its energy preference to Floating Solar PV Energy systems!  Now is the time to learn about the fast-rising energy sector which is competing with other existing energy systems. Considering the way the floating PV industry is booming and evolving there is an obvious need to get highly informed on the leading edge possibilities and benefits that the energy sector has to offer coupled with the progress that our first floating solar PV forum has garnered so far.

 You may be swept off your feet in the FPV market if you miss this event!

 Do you want to be more successful in the Floating Solar market and  Learn how to bring in your A-game! 

The 2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum Is for you as it aims to bring together experts, practitioners, and key industry gurus to extensively explore the foreseen possibilities, innovations, challenges as well as best practices concerning the floating PV market community.

Connect with us to gain experience in the ever-developing floating PV technology and also interconnect with other industry players from Europe and the rest of the world.

Sign up here to be a part of the discussion and obtain a pass - https://bit.ly/3072eGM

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