Achieving Operational Excellence in Wind Farms: How Big Data Analytics and IoT Power up Wind Turbines while cutting the Operational Costs.

Wind farm operators are seeking ways of driving operational costs down and managing the impacts of unpredictable wind.  The uncertain nature of wind energy generation complicates its operation.  IoT, together with Big Data analytics can empower operators by eliminating the unknown. 


The operators of a wind farm, equipped with the right IoT devices and powerful analytics, can compare their real and ideal asset performance. Beyond the comparison, the right analytics tools can explain the root causes behind this difference in performance and give recommendations to improve it. Moreover, such capabilities aren’t limited to one wind farm. Entire asset portfolios of operators can be assessed and fed to one dashboard.


The real business value of Big Data analytics and IoT appears in task optimizations. The data converted into actionable information helps operators to plan their field tasks. Daily work activities can be created automatically, this keeps the assets at the top of their performance and increases worker productivity. Learning from historical data can also optimize operations in long-term, resulting in an increase of annual energy production.


Innovative wind farm operators are already benefiting from IoT and Big Data analytics, with less time spent on decision-making of operations, smart planning of the tasks and enhancing energy production. Industry is looking for new ways to leverage data to create more value for their operations.


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