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Status of the French FPV Market, both continental and Overseas on islands

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French FPV Market Overview

The French FPV market possesses a lot of potential as it has a huge number of players and backgrounds with a broad variety of vessels - like sizes, types, and roles. There is less or no competition among operators and the export level goes from low to moderate.

Naval Group and STX France are the two major French FPV operators which are subsidiaries of state-owned companies. There are other known local players such as Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Piriou, CMN, and OCEA.

Status of the French FPV Market, both continental and Overseas on islands

The forecasting of the French FPV market is at bay as the Floating PV energy use is still relatively developing both in the continental and overseas on islands.  Prediction on how the projects will go or how many new projects will be handled in the French FPV market is still limited. Although the project status by territory in 2020 clearly shows that more projects are already on construction or in view on the  Overseas Islands than there are on the mainland, which is understandable as FPV systems are installed on water bodies.

Guadeloupe has the most in view or operating FPV projects in France when checking at territorial bases for Island situated projects.  They have Five projects, closely followed by  Martinique (3) and lastly,Réunion Island (2).

Let's have a Review  of the Trust PV Company's flagship project "H2O2O" 

TRUST PV is an established utility company that has existed for more than 100 years in France and the Overseas regions. The utility company interestingly has about  85,000 employees across  60 countries and territories throughout Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, and also Europe.

The company launched its first hydrogen O&M operation on Reunion Island in 2018, which has already expanded to New Caledonia and Martinique.

Trust PV Company is the owner of the H2O2O project which will definitely break barriers in terms of efficiency and expansion of the French FPV market. The French government and the local communities involved are so supportive of the project which is evident in the tax exemptions enjoyed by the H2O2O project. In addition, The company's flagship project has garnered a lot of awards like the "Best Overseas Project" award at PV Power Plant Annual Awards 2020. 

The future of the French FPV market is still in an emerging phase but possesses a lot of potential as a number of projects have been commissioned last year and about 5+ projects are under construction which including those on the French islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Réunion. In general, the global FPV market is rapidly growing and developing.

 Do you want to be more successful in the Floating Solar market and  Learn how to bring in your A-game! 

 The 2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum Is for you as it aims to bring together experts, practitioners, and key industry gurus to extensively explore the foreseen possibilities, innovations, challenges as well as best practices concerning the floating PV market community.

Meet Felix Gorintin, Chief Operating Officer, INNOSEA who will present us with a case study" Status of the French FPV Market, both continental and Overseas on islands" at the 2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum. Save the Date Now! 28th - 29th June 2022

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Félix Gorintin will be one of our expert speakers!


Technical Lead

INNOSEA is a professional services firm dedicated to provide technical support during the engineering phases of marine renewable energy technologies. As a scientific independent actor, the company delivers innovative solutions for the engineering of offshore technologies and systems for its clients and designers.

2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum

2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum

Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands Hybrid Event
28th - 29th June, 2022
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Floating solar PV is an emerging technology with the potential for rapid growth. The demand for floating solar PV is expanding, especially on islands as the cost of the water surface is generally lower than the cost of land. Currently, most activity on floating PV relates to freshwater artificial reservoirs. Notwithstanding, the combined use of offshore solar PV with offshore wind is possible, because the solar panels can float between the wind turbines at sea, resulting in a hybrid system that can provide more stable power for the grid

2nd Annual Floating Solar PV Forum will take place as a two-days summit and will explore the global importance of floating solar. The event will unite policy makers and top thought leadership on one stage and unfurl the green recovery playbook. It will greatly explore the most lucrative opportunities that awaits in the renewable energy sector, whether it be the expansion of infrastructure, the electrification of end use sectors or decarbonising the way we do business, therefore, charting the path for the energy majors of tomorrow.