Unmatched Opportunities To Attend Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Event

As a result of digitalization, business models are being transformed and new opportunities are being created to generate value. The wind industry is set to be disrupted at every stage of its asset lifecycle by advances in fields such as data science and the IoT. The Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum will examine data analytics and digital innovation with their impact on the wind energy sector, also identify issues and challenges and provide solutions. Industry professionals can exchange ideas, explore new thinking, and help shape the industry's development by attending this event. There will be discussions on technical requirements, standards, and drivers for digitalization, as well as the latest wind turbine design and technology. Come hear from the industry experts as they share their experience and knowledge as well as discuss the future market potential of digital wind farms. 


The objective of this forum is to provide a deeper understanding of data analytics and cyber security, their importance and how they play a key role in operational and development phases, and their impact on predicting component failures and reducing operational costs, and risks. Data analytics and digitalization are crucial to further reducing the cost of operations and maintenance in the wind energy sector. During this conference, the wind industry will be brought together to discuss the market opportunities for digital wind farms, digital innovation, and the technological challenges facing it. By monitoring and predicting failures through machine learning, digital twins, and predictive analytics, wind farm assets can be drastically improved with more reliability, increased revenue, and reduced O&M costs.


Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum will analyze digitalization and data-driven operations, performance forecasting, new business models, windpower asset optimization with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, data-driven monitoring and inspection, predictive maintenance, reducing costs, and driving performance with advanced analytics. This Forum brings together industry leaders and experts to discuss all aspects of Digital Innovation, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Researchers, scientists, and thought leaders will also be able to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, technologies, and applications in the fields of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions implemented.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum where we will discuss how digitalization can improve wind turbine efficiency, reduce wind turbine failures and operational costs with data analytics tools, and how technology can improve windfarm cyber security in the digital era. As part of our session, we will explore how digitalization can help asset owners and wind turbine OEMs predict and plan for faults and optimize wind turbine performance. Participants will discuss the importance of data-driven predictive maintenance and develop an optimized wind farm performance strategy. The wind industry's bright future is revealed by advanced data analytics and big data platforms based on IoT.


In this Forum, we will talk about how digitalization sharpens the wind industry and shapes tomorrow's industrial innovations, how to create an effective data-driven maintenance strategy, and how to improve wind energy asset efficiency with predictive maintenance. You will also learn how to optimize performance using digital innovation, how to optimize O&M & asset management processes with data analytics and artificial intelligence, and how to uncover performance losses, reduce maintenance and increase productivity using wind data analytics.


Event-Content Highlights


  • Wind Power Analysis and Asset Management Digitalisation Journey.

  • Wind Industry Towards IoT and AI.

  • Portfolio Risk Reduction and Flexible Maintenance Concepts Powered by Data Analytics.

  • Using Data Analysis to Protect Assets Valuation and Performance Enhancement.

  • Artificial Intelligence or How to Transform Data into Knowledge.

  • Open Source Projects: Creating the Foundation for an Open Digital Future.

  • Data-Driven Asset Performance Management.


Key Learning Benefits


  • Understand the impact of Big data & IoT on operations/business models due to digitalization & analytics.

  • Understand how to use asset information from condition monitoring initiatives in business decisions.

  • Discover how improved monitoring can deliver a greater understanding of asset health.

  • Gain insight into digital innovation in wind turbine monitoring & inspection.

  • Discover new data analytics tools to manage efficiently and effectively all the available data to maximize returns.

  • Understand how to use machine learning algorithms for turbine performance monitoring.

  • Explore how to generate enough data sets to perform predictive analytics, and enable machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Discover new techniques that are being developed to analyze the performance of windfarm.

  • Understand how can digital twins be used for improving wind farm operations, and processes and minimizing O&M costs.

  • Discover how machine learning techniques can improve the yield of a wind turbine.

  • Learn about predictive maintenance techniques that are possible when data collection is streamlined and repeatable.


Event Inclusions


  • Case Study Presentations: Providing practical and actionable insights.

  • Strategic Panel Discussions: Meet with your peers and the most knowledgeable experts to discuss and debate strategies.

  • Networking Drinks Receptions: Face-to-face networking with the world's top executives will help you build a network of new business contacts quickly.

  • Content-Focused Roundtables: The opportunity will not only provide you with a chance to learn more about key topics but also network with other participants

  • Key Industry Insight: Discover cutting-edge conference sessions, gain access to exclusive expertise, and discover new solutions

  • Content and Recordings: All recordings and presentation slides are accessible after the event!


Event Details:

4th Edition Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum

Organized by Leadvent Group

7th March – 8th March 2023

Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Hybrid Event

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