Why EV Charging Infrastructure Forum Is A Must For Delegates & Sponsors

In addition to providing a unique opportunity to interact with and collaborate with a wide array of charge point developers and policymakers, EV Charging Infrastructure 2023, organized by the Leadvent group, will offer the world's leading conference for the automotive and electrical power industries. Discuss the latest developments in electrical infrastructure and charge point technologies, and discuss how the industry will support the increasing use of electric vehicles.


EV charging infrastructure experts and decision-makers from across the automotive and electrical industries will attend this event to network, build cross-market relationships, discuss the status of smart charging and V2G solutions, and discuss new technologies and innovations to solve charging infrastructure challenges. This program will focus on positioning the electric vehicle ecosystem for 2030 challenges and designing a charging infrastructure to support consumers, systems, and energy transitions.


Showcase your tech products and pitch them to large, targeted audiences to get your solution and product noticed. You can participate in this forum as a paid exhibitor or free marketing partner. To be a marketing partner, you will have to announce the event on your company website, release an article about the event, send out email marketing campaigns, and post on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media accounts. 


Benefits for Delegates at EV Infrastructure Forum


  • Global Attendance – Leadvent attracts attendees from around the world. Business leaders view this forum as 'the must-attend conference. Get your solution and product noticed by demonstrating your solution and pitching it to a large audience.

  • Value – The exhibit floor space at our events is priced lower than most other events - in some cases, by 50%. You can participate in this event as a paid exhibitor or as a free marketing partner.

  • Customer Service – Due to the quality of communication, organization, and customer service, Leadvent Forums are described as the industry standard for international events. 

  • Exhibitor Roundtable – Delegates can learn more about exhibiting programs at this event, which includes training sessions and vendor presentations.


Benefits for Sponsors at EV Infrastructure Forum


  • You can engage with an audience: Showcase leading solutions, share your story, connect with prospects, and strengthen your relationship with existing customers by delivering an exceptional case-driven presentation.

  • Lead Generation: Feature your products/services to reach new clients, generate leads and sell more.

  • Strategic Networking: Build stronger business relationships with industry leaders and peers by sharing valuable insight and best practices.

  • Learn and Benchmark: Discover the latest industry trends and valuable insights.

  • Build Awareness: Take advantage of branding and thought leadership to make a name for yourself in this community.

  • Attend and Discover: Establish partnerships and collaborations with industry decision-makers



This EV Charging Infrastructure Forum allows exhibitors to interact with global energy professionals and learn about technological advancements, safety solutions, and offshore energy economics. 


Leadvent Group brings together all industries and industry leaders and relies on a network of speakers, attendees, and sponsors to make the events successful! Showcase your expertise at this exciting, strategic conference. Join like-minded experts and get involved! Leadvent group offers a variety of speaking, exhibition, and one-to-one meeting packages.

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