PV Floating Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Seawater

An emerging technology that can produce renewable energy by utilising the sun's energy on water surfaces is floating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Due to their potential to meet the rising need for renewable energy, especially in coastal locations, seawater-based floating solar PV systems have been drawing interest.


Floating solar power systems that are erected on saltwater bodies, such as oceans, seas, or saline lakes, are referred to as photovoltaic (PV) systems in seawater. Solar panels that float on the water's surface are used in these systems to capture solar energy.


Because seawater is reflecting, floating solar PV systems have the benefit of being able to generate more electricity than solar systems on land. The cooling impact of seawater can also help lower the temperature of the solar panels, extending their lifespan and increasing their effectiveness.


The platforms that hold up floating solar PV systems in saltwater are composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or steel and are often made to endure harsh maritime environments. The floating platforms are anchored in place using mooring systems that can withstand the forces of waves, wind, and currents.


The possibility of corrosion and damage brought on by exposure to saltwater is one of the difficulties with floating solar PV systems in seawater. The solar panel frames and supporting structures may be made of corrosion-resistant materials, like stainless steel or aluminium, to reduce these concerns.


The risk of biofouling, which is the development of organisms like algae and barnacles on the surfaces of the solar panels and support structures, is another difficulty faced by floating solar PV systems in seawater. The solar panels' efficiency may decline as a result, and maintenance expenses may rise. To prevent biofouling, manufacturers may use antifouling coatings or install mechanical cleaning systems.


In conclusion, floating solar PV systems in seawater have the potential to provide a significant source of renewable energy in coastal areas. However, careful design and maintenance are required to ensure their durability and efficiency in harsh marine environments.


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