5 Startups to Watch in the Floating PV Industry

Floating photovoltaic (FPV) or photovoltaics has emerged as a viable alternative to installation of solar panels on rooftops. The technology was only patented in 2008 and clearly still has a lot of room for rapid growth. Its environmental, land conservation and high performance benefits have regularly been usurped by the challenges of cost and limited application. Thankfully, these amazing companies have been active in mitigating these setbacks and building a future for the technology.

Ocean Sun 

This is a flexible floating photovoltaic solution offering an efficient, low cost and durable solution for floating solar power generation. The Norwegian startup’s technology is based on modified silicon solar modules deployed on flexible floating structures. With the help of proprietary non-permeable membrane, floater units are based on utility type, dual-glass, silicon crystalline modules. Moreover, the modules are quickly and securely attached to the membrane using a unique fixation mechanism. As a result, this enables improved thermal contact with the waterbody. Additionally, the company offers a customized junction box, cables, and attachment features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSpwWspu9W8

Ciel & Terre 

Floating platforms equipped with tracking systems allow for vertical axis tracking of solar cells enabling constant exposure to sunlight, thereby allowing for greater electricity production. Ciel & Terre designs and builds floating solar micro-grid platforms that collect, store, and redistribute renewable energy. The water-based PV concept HYDRELIO mixes hydro and solar power sources to save hydropower for intermittent times when energy demand is high. Additionally, these floating solar power generation systems are capable of tracking the movement of the sun to enhance the energy generation process and storage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDwWbCmUvGE


HelioRec is a french startup that manages complex hydropower-connected end-to-end solar projects. The startup’s unique design solutions allow it to lower the carbon footprint and produce a rapid-to-deploy and cost-effective source of power generation. HelioRec undertakes a feasibility study with topography diagnostics of the water body to provide hydropower yield estimates, grid evacuation diagnostic, technical and anchoring diagnostic, final plant configuration, and a provisional balance sheet with a draft quotation. Moreover, the company uses recycled plastic to manufacture hybrid hydropower floating solar power plants.


Floating concentrated solar power (CSP) plants utilize the full potential of the sun due to negligible shading issues, unlike their land-based counterparts. Floating installations reduce space usage, resulting in minimal shading, and enable natural cooling of solar panels. As a result, floating CSP plants improve efficiency and reduce stress on the system. Austrian startup HELIOFLOAT offers a floating concentrated solar platform system for offshore applications. The floating CSP application has high swimming stability and ensures that the platform is fully moveable with no sole lead of each mirror.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDOchHLjNGE


Yellow Tropus

Yellow Tropus is an india-based startup that builds submerged floating solar PV power plants with a fixed tilt to maximize cost-effectiveness and space efficiencies. This technology delivers high energy density and requires no on-site construction. The submerged floating solar PV power plant applies aerodynamic designs with enhanced air circulation that facilitates natural evaporative cooling. Join experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders from Europe and the rest of the world at the Floating Solar PV forum. There will be discussions on the innovations, business landscape and policies concerning the floating PV solar industry.