Driving change in Transactional Banking through Innovation and Digital Technology

Banks in Africa are at the epicentre of this change. Technological evolution and social changes have a deeper and more direct effect on the financial industry than on most other sectors, for its basic raw materials are information and money. And money, in turn, can dematerialise and transform into accounting entries—in other words, into data that can be stored, processed and transmitted in real time and at costs so low that they are on the verge of disappearing altogether.


This has brought about the need for innovations or better put disruptive innovations, which refers to the use of technology and other enhanced strategic operations to significantly affect the way the banking and financial institutions functions and carry out its operations.


Driven by mobile money and a digital-first attitude by Africans, the continent’s banking landscape is “among the most exciting in the world” and “a hotbed of innovation,” according to a new McKinsey report, which found its banking market as the second-fastest-growing and second-most profitable of any global region.


This conference is gearing up to provide attendees with seminal insights for successful operations within a digitally shifted transactional banking landscape. The forum will offer the ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners operating in the industries and making the most of banking technologies.


Would you rather sit and watch this revolution sweep you off your feet? Or be a part of this great Change?


Participate in the discussion and create meaningful cooperation with the best international experts in Africa!


Join Leadvent Group as it organizes this game-changing conference on Banking Innovation Africa Forum and you will experience 2 days of digital presentations, panel discussion, and networking spread across two days, and interspersed with interactive questions & answers session. Take advantage of this chance to network with, and learn from, leading industry experts addressing the biggest challenges in banking innovation and digital transformation.

Think Africa, Think Banking: Making the African Banking and Financial Industry a hub of Innovation and Effective Customer Delivery and Experience