Banking Innovation Africa: Transforming the African Banking Landscape through Disruptive Innovation

Banking innovation Africa is a conference that is designed to bring experts and professionals in the banking industry across Africa and beyond, to share on the challenges and trends in the industry.


The aim is for the introduction and adoption of new technologies in banking like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, API’s, advanced banking platforms and analytic tools that are enabling banks to dramatically change the way customers experience and interact with products and channels. It is designed to also feature and bring to knowledge fintechs innovations which are fast disrupting the industry and all the various topics will be discussed from the African perspective, as it affects and relate to banks in Africa and how it can enhance effective customer delivery.


Join leading experts and industry actors on a holistic and hands-on conference delivery and hear from the best on all practical aspects that you need to know about banking innovation from fintech and regtech innovations to building systems that enable and enhance effective customer experience and satisfaction.


We offer this unique and timely opportunity to participate in the discussion and find solutions that fit your customer experience and delivery goals and responsibilities. It is also an all-in-one place event for those, who want to learn about global trends, upcoming banking issues and challenges that can be made into opportunities.


Join Leadvent Group as it organizes this game-changing conference on Banking Innovation Africa Forum and you will experience 2 days of digital presentations, panel discussion, and networking spread across two days, and interspersed with interactive questions & answers session. Take advantage of this chance to network with, and learn from, leading industry experts addressing the biggest challenges in banking innovation and digital transformation.


Positioning the African Banking and Financial Industry for strategic take over through disruptive innovations in this digital world


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