Global Wave for the New Floating Solar PV Innovation

As the world advocates to go greener and the search for conducive and friendly energy supply advances, the new innovation of Floating Solar PV gains more global momentum. The outlook for FPV is positive and is set to break free of its niche perception. Research has shown that it could well become the third pillar of the solar PV sector in the future as its use advances.


According to an article published recently, alongside ground-mounted and rooftop PV, floating solar PV (FPV) is often hailed as the future third pillar of the global solar PV market. At present, among the 60+ countries actively pursuing the deployment of FPV, more than 35 countries are home to an estimated 350 operational FPV systems, which up until the end of August 2020 had a cumulative capacity of approximately 2.6 GW. Although still considered a niche, FPV is projected to experience an average growth rate of above 20% in the coming five years. In recent times, some Asian countries and their governments have made a tremendous effort to incorporate FPV as a national project. Among them are China, India, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan which are also set to expand their FPV capacity.


To this end, Leadvent Group is set to organize the 2nd edition of its pioneering and epoch-making event on the Floating Solar PV Conference on the 28th– 29th of June, 2022.


Floating Solar Conference is an event that is designed to bring experts and professionals in the energy sector across the world, to share on this disruptive FPV innovation, its opportunities, challenges and trends in the energy industry.


It is worthy to note that despite the fact that Floating Solar PV systems have been deployed for more than a decade, and while the vast majority of today’s 2.6 GW was only built during the last five to six years, the current state of knowledge regarding FPV systems varies considerably. Certain areas, such as PV modules, cabling, materials & components are well understood. In contrast, knowledge is still lacking in areas such as O&M procedures, long-term environmental impact, as well regulations, and permitting. Other areas, however, are better understood, such as floats, mooring and anchoring, electrical layout, long-term energy yield forecasting, and safety issues. These are and more are the reasons for the organizing of this conference.


Join leading experts and industry actors on a holistic and hands-on conference delivery and hear from the best on all practical aspects that you need to know about FPV innovation from, installation, and financing to building systems that enable and enhance effective deployment.


We offer this unique and timely opportunity to participate in the discussion and find solutions that fit your energy delivery goals and responsibilities. It is also an all-in-one place event for those, who want to learn about global trends, upcoming FPV issues, and challenges that can be made into opportunities.


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