Challenges & Opportunities in Bioplastics and Sustainable Biocomposites

The foundation of global efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste is recycling. Most frequently, 7.8 to 8.2 million tonnes of improperly disposed plastics reach the oceans annually. The development of land resources is hindered by the unpredictability of non-biodegradable plastics' landfill settlements. Solid wastes made of non-biodegradable plastic, dioxins, cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and other air pollutants that are released into the environment cause serious harm to human beings. Petroleum-based plastics can be substituted with bio-based polymers to reduce environmental risks because biopolymers are biodegradable and renewable.


Since natural fibres have so many benefits, modern societies are beginning to use new eco-friendly materials, such as natural fibres, to help meet demands for weight loss, environmental issues, and consumer satisfaction factors. Nevertheless,  There are lots of challenges in completely replacing green bio-composites. The most difficult barrier in this area is the inadequate availability of data regarding the performance of bio-composites due to the wide range of their constituents. A gap has been found in the evaluation of bio-composites in relation to all necessary parameters for various industrial applications. In order to accomplish good part design using bio-composites, processing consideration and suitable selection of the composite ingredients and their characteristics should be thoroughly researched. Additionally, large safety factor coefficients are still necessary in such green products.


Our speakers will be discussing biodegradability of polymers, as well as the challenges & opportunities in bioplastics and sustainable biocomposites. Join us on 1st - 2nd March, 2023 for the World Biopolymers and Bioplastics Innovation Forum, in Berlin, Germany to find out!


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