4th Edition Africa Green Hydrogen Forum

The future is Green. Yes, I'm talking about Green Hydrogen.

The time has come to harness the full potential of Green Hydrogen and Africa is seen as one of the potential markets to explore by examining the role of green hydrogen in the global energy transition and its relevance for the achievement of net-zero carbon emission.

Green hydrogen in Africa has entered a new era towards utilizing renewable energy sources through its plant-based hydrogen generation and availability as an economic and clean source of energy. Africa Green Hydrogen is the first company in sub-Saharan Africa to specialize in making and supplying green hydrogen. Africa Green Hydrogen has partnered with first-class local companies to develop an industrial plant manufacturing green hydrogen per process of hydrolysis of organic waste using solar thermal energy (STE). This partnership will lead to the first SHT power plant generator of an energy company in Burundi. The operational plan is as follows: Africa Green Hydrogen will collect and process the organic waste found in nature (e.g. industrial, agricultural and urban waste) that could not be used before; Hydrolyze the organic waste into fertilizer (acceptable by standards) by adding water, heat, and electron needed and then produce liquefied green hydrogen. STE will be used as a source of heat in order to produce enough electricity to run the factory and export it to the national grid via a mini-grid.

In the energy sector, Africa Green Hydrogen produces green hydrogen from locally available renewable energies. Dispatched to customers via a network of hydrogen refueling stations, it supports the energy transition in Africa and meets the transport needs of heavy vehicles. To ensure efficient production and distribution, Africa Green Hydrogen operates its own electrolysis facilities at strategic locations.

Join us in this event as we discuss the latest market and technology developments of green hydrogen in Africa. It will provide attendees with a wide-ranging view of how the continent is redirecting its focus on the utilization of renewable energies through green hydrogen, establishing infrastructure, and how to build a sustainable hydrogen economy.


Event Name: 3rd Edition Green Hydrogen Forum

Event Date: 22nd-23rd November 2022


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