4th Edition Africa Green Hydrogen Forum

Africa is expected to become the preferred location for the hydrogen economy.

Global energy demand is expected to rise by more than a third in the coming years, driven primarily by developing and emerging economies. As such, Africa will be the center of attraction which will provide affordable, environmentally responsible power to people who currently lack access to it.

In Africa, there are five hydrogen projects stationed which are projected to have a positive impact on the global economy in years to come. These projects include:

1. Egypt’s Green Hydrogen Plant

2. South Africa’s Hydrogen Valley

3. Mauritania’s Project Nour

4. Namibia’s SCDI Green Hydrogen Project

5. Morocco’s HEVO Ammonia Project                                                

Africa is expected to become the preferred location for the hydrogen economy due to its growing penetration of renewable energy, greater land availability, and easy access to water resources. Green hydrogen is set to transform the energy landscape and economy in northern and southern Africa, with several large-scale hydrogen developments planned for construction in 2022.

Join the Hydrogen in Africa Forum as we build on the benefits of hydrogen use in Africa. Talk to experts and industry leaders about employing science and technology to develop a sustainable economic future powered by green hydrogen. Join us and be part of a movement that will literally clean up our planet over the next decade.


Event Name: 3rd Edition Green Hydrogen Forum

Event Date: 22nd-23rd November 2022


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