4th Edition Africa Green Hydrogen Forum

Unlocking Green Hydrogen Development Potential in Arica

Research has it that about 600 million people living in Africa don't have access to light and this is a major issue because this has led to high energy costs and power blackouts and in turn, causes stunted growth in the economic development.

Africa is one of the continents with so much potential for solar energy and natural resources in the world. Yet, only 5 GW of solar power which is less than 1% of the global total has been implanted across the continent.

Research also has it that solar power could overtake hydropower and natural gas combined to become the largest electricity source in Africa when dealing with installed capacity and wind energy. This is great because if the stability of power is guaranteed, then it can be used for economic development. But, given the inconsistency of renewable energy, consumers may find it expensive to afford. This is where hydrogen comes in which is an ideal storage medium for renewable energy and alternative fuel for industrial heat once the supply system exists to accommodate it. This could be more effective in sub-Saharan Africa where the production of green hydrogen could allow energy markets to be more self-sustaining.

There are so many benefits to achieve when developing a renewable green hydrogen energy economy across Africa. This could support sustainable growth in the region and global emission reductions efforts.

1. Hydrogen can be transported through pipelines or in the form of ammonia in North Africa, which is much closer to the demand centers of low carbon fuels for existing industries in Europe, which can be cost-competitive if the competitive leveraged cost of electricity from renewable energy can be considered.

2. Namibia could thrive in future markets for low-carbon metallics.

3. For heavy industry sectors like steel and cement, hydrogen has the potential to serve as a carbon-free fuel.

4. Industries could become exporters not only of ore but green iron and steel using green hydrogen in direct reduction plants to move up the value chain.

Join the Hydrogen in Africa Forum as we build on the benefits of hydrogen use in Africa. Talk to experts and industry leaders about employing science and technology to develop a sustainable economic future powered by green hydrogen.


Event Name: 3rd Edition Green Hydrogen Forum

Event Date: 22nd-23rd November 2022


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