3rd Edition Green Hydrogen Forum

Green Hydrogen Storage and Distribution

Despite the fact that we are looking forward to harnessing green hydrogen’s full potential, careful measures need to be taken when transporting it.

Hydrogen can be seasonally stored and transported cost-effectively over long distances by ship or pipeline. Renewable hydrogen in combination with renewable electricity has the potential to entirely replace hydrocarbons in the long run.

Hydrogen is notoriously hard to transport because it’s flammable and takes up a lot of space unless it’s highly pressurized. Some green hydrogen can be used on-site, but much will need to be moved to be used somewhere else, whether it’s for vehicle fuel, manufacturing, or any other application.

Several potential options exist for getting green hydrogen from Point A to Point B, such as sending it through dedicated pipelines, liquefying it and moving it by rail, or temporarily converting it to a carrier like ammonia, which is easier to transport. Advocates for green hydrogen are pushing for all of the above. This challenge of transporting green hydrogen for a wide array of uses will require building new infrastructure as well as repurposing existing infrastructure, such as natural gas pipelines.

To learn more, join us at our next forum today as we gather senior decision-makers representing the public and private sector, policymakers, and research institutes interested in green hydrogen for a discussion on the promotion of this promising technology.


Event Name: 3rd Edition Green Hydrogen Forum


Event Date: 22nd-23rd November 2022


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