4th Edition Africa Green Hydrogen Forum

Solar PV & Green Hydrogen in Africa

Solar photovoltaic (PV) is regarded as one of the potential RETs for providing basic electricity. Solar PV development in Africa is not sustainable because it is mainly donor/non-governmental organizations driven. 

Do you know that the major barriers to the utilization of solar PV are the high cost of solar PV systems, low purchasing power, and limited application of PV technology for powering enterprising activities?

So what now is the solution?

A renewable energy strategy that is focused on a diverse set of technologies with a major objective of powering income-generating activities is recommended. Hydrogen, and building a strong hydrogen economy, could be the key stepping stone in this process. If we unlock this potential, the continent of Africa could offer a blueprint for green industrialization, where economic growth and decarbonization go hand-in-hand.

Hydrogen can be exported through pipelines or in the form of ammonia, as a hydrogen carrier, and can still be cost-competitive if we consider the competitive leveraged cost of electricity from renewable energy.


Don’t miss the 4th Edition Africa Green Hydrogen Forum as experts and professionals in the industry will open your minds to different constraints to be solved and opportunities to be tapped.


Event Name: 4th Africa Edition Green Hydrogen Forum

Event Date: 22nd-23rd November 2022



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